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4 Jaw Chuck 6 With Reversible Independent Jaws

4 JAW CHUCK 6 WITH REVERSIBLE INDEPENDENT JAWS. SHARS BRAND 4 jaw chuck is specially designed for the Mill Turn and Turnado lathe spindles. It has the same 3 bolt mounting pattern as the standard 3 jaw chuck for quick and accurate change out. For older machines, this chuck will fit with an [...]

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5 Inches(125 mm) 4 Jaw Independent Chuck for Lathe Machine & HV6 Rotary Table

5 (125 mm) 4 Jaws Independent Dog Lathe chuck with key Recess is 95 mm Total Height excluding the jaws (Only Body) : 45 mm, If you include the jaws, it is 65 mm The monting hole to clamp with lathe back plate in the chucks are M8 & 4 [...]

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