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HiTorque Mini Mill Milling Machine with Stand, Swivel Vise, Power Feed, Tooling

HiTorque mini mill from “littlemachineshop. Com”. These are high quality modified versions of the popular import mills. These machines provide better performance, more rigidity, higher torque, and overall better quality control compared to others of the size. Great size mill for the garage or shop. This machine [...]

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Milltronics CNC Milling Machine VMC 2000 VM-16 Partner Parts Machine

Milltronics CNC Milling Machine VMC 2000 – VM-16 – Parts Machine. Z & X Axis Only. The mill is basically a VM-16, but it is only 2-axis. It was made as a reverse engineering machine that would take a skim cut, image, skim cut and image again… And build a file based [...]

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Bridgeport Series I, 2-HP Vertical Milling Machine

Usage: Less than 100 hours! Includes: Accurate Mill Mate, 2 Axis, DRO, Bridgeport factory installed table power feed, Bridgeport Shaper attachment, Bijur Spray Mist Coolant unit, Bijur One Shot Lubricating system, plastic cutter head safety box, Set of R8 Colletts. Original manuals and work light. Power [...]

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