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Bridgeport lathe with DRO, powerfeed and 42 table and 4 extension riser

Mill is in good shape with fresh paint. Operates and runs smooth and quiet. Comes with Dro and powerfeed. Has a 1 1/2 h. P variable speed motor. Ready to make parts accurately. We can provide loading on your trailer. The item “Bridgeport lathe with DRO, powerfeed and 42 table and 4 extension riser” is [...]

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Index Milling Machine Detroit Area

Index vertical milling machine. Has been in a personal workshop for several decades. Is ready to be part of yours. The power drive is not 3-phase. The motor runs on single phase 120v. The table measures 30″ wide by 8″ deep. All aspects run smoothly. [...]

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Vico WorkBee Pro-7575 Professional CNC Machine Kit 750×750mm

Vico WorkBee Pro-7575 Professional. CNC Machine Kit 750×750mm Screw drivenversion. This machine designed to work for scratching, cutting, engravingfor the most of materials. Suitable to work with plastic, wood board, plexi glass, OAK, HDPE, FOAM and aluminium to 0.2mm accuracy or better. Ideal for Joiners to design and produce furniture doors orother [...]

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