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Kearney Trecker Rotary Head Mill

I have for your consideration, a Kearney and Trecker 2 D rotary head mill. It is in excellent condition with original flaking on the ways. It comes with a large selection of tooling. Large collets from 1/2″ to 3/4″, and 4 adapters with a full set of smaller collets. It [...]

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46 Bullard Dynatrol High Column Vertical Boring MILL #27155

46″ BULLARD “DYNATROL VERTICAL TURRET LATHE #27155 New 1980, Serial No. 33495, Model “DYNATROL” EQUIPPED WITH: 12″ Extra Height Under Rail 46″ 4-Jaw Independent Manual Chuck (1) 5-Position Power Indexing Turret Rail Head (1) 4-Sided Hand Indexing Side Head (20) Speed Headstock Transmission CATALOGUE SPECIFICATIONS: Chuck Diameter……………………. 46 Maximum Swing, Side Head Lowered……. 58 Maximum [...]

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