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12 Vintage Involute Gear Cutters Brown Sharpe 32,36,40 DP 7/8 Hole Orig Boxes

Photo 1 – twelve vintage brown & sharpe involute spur gear cutters in original boxes. All cutters and boxes are labeled h. Photos 2-3 – three cutters in factory sealed boxes in the following sizes. 6 – range 17 to 20 teeth. 8 – range 12 and 13 teeth – spot [...]

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QUADRALLEL- New Mill Tool for Machinist, Bridgeport, CNC Vise Vice Jaw Insert AA

Will call it an awesome, time saving addition to your toolbox or tool crib. Self-adjusting, multi-directional vise jaw insert. Will pay for itself the first time you use it! It is made of heat-treated, black-oxide coated steel, hardened, ground and [...]

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