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1996 FADAL VMC 15 CNC MILL 20×16 Travels 7500rpm Spindle CAT-40

1996 Fadal VMC 15 Vertical CNC Mill Machine Center. The VMC15 is considered Fadal’s entry-level machine, providing excellent price vs performance value. The VMC15 features a 7.5 horsepower spindle motor. Spindle speeds infinately variable from 75 to 7,500 RPM. The worktable size is perfect for smaller jobs, yet can [...]

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Atlas MFC Mill Horizontal Milling Machine Machinist Tool Bench Top

Tested working Atlas horizontal milling machine in used condition. This is a nice compact bench top milling machine typically used by gunsmiths, model engine and train enthusiasts, hobby/home machinist, and sometimes found in machine shops being use as a [...]

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Bridgeport milling machine

I have a Bridgeport Series 1 Milling machine that was stripped down to metal and all parts cleaned and repainted with a worn parts replaced, clock spring, motor, etc. It has a three phase 220/440 1 hp motor but included in sell is a 3 phase converter so [...]

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