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Grizzly G0704 CNC Mill with Enclosure. Kit & Electronics Turn-Key Ready-to-Run

Grizzly G0704 CNC Mill w/ Enclosure. Kit & Electronics Turn-Key Ready-to-Run. The G0704 CNC Mill is one of the most popular hobby mills out there. So we decided that it needed a conversion kit that would out perform the kits that are available today, By adding Double Ballnuts to our ball [...]

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PM-25MV Mill with Installed Kit & Electronics Turn-Key Ready-to-Run witho Enclosure

So we are offering it as a Ready-to-Run package that includes the mill, double ball screw conversion kit and the Servo-Tec motor package. Making it a very quiet and more reliable. With the added touch of oil journals already cut into the dovetail ways. We use a NEMA 34 [...]

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Tormach Controller Enclosure Swivel Rack

Swivel Controller Rack for CNC Machines with Desktop Computer. Rack pivots 90 degrees to keep mouse/keyboard in arms reach. (Similar to Haas controller). (2) shelves that can be tilted 0-20 degrees. 8″x 6.5″ mouse pad shelf. Fits keyboards with numerical keypad. Works with monitors with 3.9375 x 3.9375 or [...]

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Tormach 1100 series 3 CNC machine ATC Power Draw Bar Enclosure

I will include 20+ cutting tools (ER20 holders, compression tap, EM holder). I can help you load this on your truck with my forklift. Upgraded the coolant tank(larger/Aluminum), custom coolant nozzle setup w/ individual shutoff valve, stronger coolant pump from Tormach, ATC, Power draw bar, tool rack, touch screen monitor, [...]

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CNC-924 Lathe withStand and Enclosure

CNC-924 Lathe – Blue. Small CNC lathe, 9′ swing x 24 between centers. This was the prototype machine and has some run-time on it. This would be a good tear-down and rebuild as a Mach3 or Linux CNC control unit. Some electrical remains on the machine but it [...]

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Fibox Enclosure Customisation Cnc Milling And Assembly In Action New Zealand

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X2 Mini MILL Cnc Enclosure Accessories A Tool Rack

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Fibox Enclosure Customisation Cnc Milling And Assembly In Action Australia

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