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3-Axis Desktop CNC Mini Mill Milling Machine EMC2 Computer, Controller FREE SHIP

3-Axis CNC Desktop Mini Mill with Upgrades. Milling Machine with custom 3-Axis CNC Conversion & Axis Upgrades. EMC2 Ubuntu Linux PC/machine controller (runs standard g-code) with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse, USB and Ethernet. Heavy Duty DC stepper power supply. 3-axis drivers in fan-cooled enclosure; standard parallel port connection [...]

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2012 Haas TM-2P 6k RPM 10 Tool ATC IPS & VQC Rigid Tap Available Now

We are pleased to offer the following for your consideration. Max Speed 6000 rpm. 15 Color LCD Monitor. Single or three Phase 208/240. 10 Tool Auto Changer. Vise’s NOT Included 12 cat 40 tool holders. A bunch of collets (er32 and er20). Nice holders for the tooling. Kurt 6 vise [...]

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Taig 4-axis CNC Mill complete with control, computer, and ArtCAM design software

Complete 4-axis CNC Mill. 4 Servomotors with High-resolution Encoders. Eding CNC control board. Dell Laptop (control) computer. ArtCAM Express CAD/CAM design software. Sherline CNC Rotary Table. Sherline Adjustable Rotary Table Mount. Mini Vise and other assorted tools and hold-downs. Videos of this mill in use [...]

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