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1? M Linear Scale DRO 2/3 Axis Digital Readout Encoder High Precision Lathe Mill

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1? M Linear Scale DRO 2/3 Axis Digital Readout Encoder High Precision Lathe Mill

High Precision 1um 2/3 Axis Digital Readout Linear Glass Scale TTL DRO Display for Milling Lathe Application : This kind of DRO is commonly fitted to machines, especially for metal working – lathes, cylindrical grinders, milling machines, surface grinders, boring mills and other machine tools – to allow the operator to work faster and with greater accuracy Supply Voltage range : AC 80V260V; 5060Hz, US Plug Power consumption: 15VA Operating temperature: 045 degree centigrade Storage temperature: -3070 degree centigrade Relative humidity: Less than 90% Readout allowable input signal: TTL square wave Allowable input signal frequebcy: Less than 5MHz Max resolution of digital display length: 1µm (0.001mm/0.0001) Min resolution of digital display angle :0.0001/pulse. 1? M (0.0001) High Precision DRO DRO must be set to completely match the linear scale accuracy. Circumference holes processing, linear holes processing, ARC processing. Oblique processing, slope processing. Chamber processing, R function, the tool diameter compensation function, digital. Pin 1 to 4 connects +5V, 0V, A, B. Pin 5-9 is blank. DOUBLE SEAL & SIGNAL ABLE. Signal cable uses multilayer shielded wire steel and metal shell to provide extra protection. Deafult offer 3meters (9.84feet long) cable connecting with linear scale. Sensor adopts the precision metrology grating as the measurement standard. And the sliding parts have excellent repeatable positioning performance. Full set of installation accessories (L type cover, backplate and screws) included inside the linear scale, each scale equipped with some extra screws to avoid unsccessful installation. Applications: Milling Machine, Lathe, EDM, Grinder etc. Relative humidity: Less than 90%. Readout input signal: TTL square wave. Input signal frequency: Less than 5M Hz. 1µm (0.001mm/0.0001). Min resolution of DRO angle :0.0001/pulse. DRO Dimensions: 11.6″X6.7″X2.56. Linear Scale Interface: DB9(RS232). SDM 200 sets memory, power-off memory for 10years, circumference drilling, oblique line drilling, 1/2 centering. The simple R function. Chambering (applicable to: Milling machine, Boring machine). Tool conpensation (for lathe). Machining of oblique plane. 1pc DRO Or 1pc Linear Scale 1um (100/150/200/250…2000MM) 1Set Installation Accessories. 2AXIS DRO LCD SCREEN. 3AXIS DRO LCD SCREEN. FAQ: Q1 : are the length 100, 150, 200…. Answer : all are travel length Q2: if i need 250mm , 1000mm scales with 2axis digital readout, how should i do? Answer : Please contact ToAuto Team to get the video. (press 6 times after DRO powers on). Q5 : Can i cut the scales by myself? Answer : Technically NO, it maybe unavailable after cutting. Q6: How can i change the 5? M to 1? M display? Q7: Is it easy to install these scales and DRO? Please contact ToAuto to get the video. Answer : Please must check the scale pin definition (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), which is very important!!!

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