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Proxxon 5pc milling cutters hss high speed steel 28710 / Direct from RDGTools

Tool sets for industry and dentistry Milling bits. For non-ferrous metals, plastic, plaster. Wolfram vanadium milling bits. Wolfram vanadium steel milling bits. Selected wolfram vanadium steel. Purpose-made stable construction with head and shaft out of a single blank. The precise flutes and optimal concentricity ensure best life expectancy. Ideal for freehand precision work. For [...]

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Proxxon KT70 Micro Compound Table 200mm x 70mm / Direct from RDGTools 27100

MICRO compound table KT 70. Made of solid aluminium with surface treatment and fitted with adjustable dovetail gibs and three T-slots of the MICROMOT standard. (12 x 6 x 5mm). Adjustable ruler eases workpiece positioning. Both handwheels have zero-resettable dials with graduations indicating 1 revolution = 1.0mm and 1 division = 0.05mm. [...]

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Proxxon Dividing head chuck for KT70 MF70 TBM220 24264 / Direct from RDGTools

Proxxon Dividing Head for TBM220 KT70 MF70. Dividing head for MICRO miller MF 70 and MICRO compound table KT 70. For machining circular work pieces, manufacturing off-set holes and milled out portions. Milling key surfaces, four-sided, six sided materials, etc. Absolute accurate division due to nonius at the base body. With reversed chuck jaws: Capacity [...]

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Proxxon MF 70 milling machine 371104 ref- 27110 / Direct from RDGTools

Proxxon MF 70 milling machine. MICRO miller MF 70. The accurate miller for delicate projects. Spindle speeds 5,000 – 20,000rpm. For work with extremely small cutters. Stable grey-cast iron machine base, vertical guide and compound table. Free from play, readjustable dovetail gib in all axes. Die-cast aluminium arm housing, with 24-pin special motor (balanced). For [...]

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Proxxon FF 400 Milling machine, new in the box

Please let me know if you got any questions. This mill features a headstock that swivels through 360 degree range with indicator readout. The lockable quill has a travel of 30mm (via the handle and scale), and a throat distance of 100mm. Six spindle speeds between 140rpm and 2,470rpm can be used, and are [...]

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220V 100W PROXXON mini milling machine MF70 bench driller

220V 100W PROXXON mini milling machine MF70 bench driller. Base of grey cast iron. Including both vertical column and compound table of treated, quality aluminium. All axes are play-free and have adjustable gibs. Headstock of die-cast aluminium contains the 24 pole special (balanced) motor is super stable [...]

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Proxxon IB/E Professional Rotary Tool Mini Mill with KT70 Micro Compound Table

Proxxon ib/e professional rotary tool mini mill with kt70 micro compound table. Use the proxxon professional rotary tool ib/e over extended periods of time for grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting and engraving. Ideal for mechanics, model builders, jewelers, opticians, artists and electronic enthusiasts. The high-revving motor has full-wave electronic speed control capable [...]

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