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Brand New HV6 Rotary Table 150 mm Horizontal Vertical Milling Indexing Dividing

Rotary Table Diameter :150 mm (6). Overall Height : 80 mm (3-1/4). Centre Height in Vertical Position: 105 mm. Worm- Gear Ratio- 1:90, which means that the 1 handle rotation shall turn the table by 4 Degrees. Table Graduated 360 Degrees, Resettable Dial & Handwheel graduated in seconds. Vernier scale is caliberated to 10 [...]

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Make The Umc 750p Even More Productive Add Haas Rotary Accessories

RARE Aciera Milling Machine 5.5 Tilting Indexing Fixture Rotary Table

This sale is for one very rare Aciera milling machine 5.5 tilting T Slotted Rotary type milling fixture. The table is graduated in degrees around its perimeter. The table can be tilted through 90 degrees and locked in any desired position. The table has a knurled knob for fine table rotation and has [...]

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Fadal VMC 4020 CNC Mill With Rotary Table 4th Axis 1996/Video

Fadal VMC 4020 CNC Mill With Rotary Table 4. 40 Travel In X. 20 Travel In Y. 28 Travel In Z. Axis Fadal VH65 Rotary Table With 5C Air Chuck. Link to YouTube video of machine running. Machine Is Available For Inspection Under Power By Appointment. The [...]

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Vertical Milling Machine, Alliant Brand, Advance Rotary table with Head riser

Alliant Vertical Milling machine, With riser and Advance Rotary table, 6 inch kurt vice, R8 Collet set, Power feed X axis, Power Draw Bar, Travel Dial Z axis Quill, Sony 2 axis Digital Readout, Custom Aluminum Bed Covers, 9″ x 42″ table size. The item “Vertical Milling Machine, Alliant Brand, Advance Rotary [...]

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Vintage 6 Rotary Table For Smaller Milling Machine Clausing South Bend Lathe

BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE 6 ROTARY TABLE. Mounting Feet are 3 1/2 across. I do not now who made this but it is a very nice piece of metal. It rotates extremely smoothly. The surface is flat, with just the lightest wear. This has been sitting un-used on [...]

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Get More Productive With Haas Rotary Accessories Ask The Haas Answer Man

375mm Rotary Table Horizantal & Vertical+65mm Lathe Chuck For Milling Machine

Rotary Table Horizontal & Vertical 3 / 75mm with. 65mm Lathe Chuck for Milling Machine. Precision 3 / 75mm Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Table supplied with Mounting Back Plate and. 65mm 3 Jaw Self centering Lathe chuck. Ratio – 38:1. Gear mesh adjustment, the zero dial is marked in 10 min. Table scale [...]

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MAHO MH700 Universal Mill Milling Machine KURT vise HEIDENHAIN dro, rotary table

I have a very nice MAHO MH700 universal manual milling machine up for sale. It is in great shape. If Bridgeport is the standard by which mills are judged, this is like a Ferrari. It has a very small footprint but is very stout, well built, and [...]

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Volstro Rotary Milling Head for Bridgeport Mill withALL COLLETS

Here is a used Volstro rotary machining head for Bridgeport and similar mills. As you can see in the photos, it is in very good used condition. As my buddy says: “It’s got some paint”. The unit uses an R-8 arbor and mounts to the quill of your milling machine. [...]

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