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Span Aria Label My Sieg X3 Milling Machine Set Up By Metal Machine Shop 1 Month Ago 8 Minutes 47 Seconds 243 Views My Sieg X3 Milling Machine Set Up Span

Little Machine Shops Hi-Torque 3990 (Sieg X2) CNC Mill & Accessories

Great setup just dont have the time with a newborn and school. If you have any questions feel free to message me. This is a LMS 3990(Little Machine Shop) with a CNC FUSION Kit#5, Gecko 540 4-Axis Driver, and Automation Technologies Nema 23 270oz steppers(Antibacklash Couplers). It is being [...]

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Sieg X2 CNC Fusion Mini Mill with Brushless Spindle, Quick Change Tooling + MORE

The CNC conversion was done with a CNC Fusion ballscrew kit. The X axis is a 425oz in, Y is 280 oz in, and Z is 420oz in driven by DM542A digital stepper motor drivers. There is a 4th axis driver installed and wired [...]

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CNC Desktop mill (Sieg X2)

CNC Benchtop milling Machine 2. A computer running Windows with monitor (not mounted) 3. Licensed copy Mach 3 software 4. Licensed copy of Art Soft wizard 5. Spindle controlled through Mach 3 software. Fluid control through Mach 3 software. Control box enclosure with all electronics and connectors. [...]

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MicroMark MicroLux R8 Milling Machine (Sieg SX2 Mini Mill)

Microlux r8 mini milling and drilling machine from micromark with basic tooling package from little machine shop. The mill is from micromark. , a re-branded sieg sx2 mini mill read about them. With an r8 spindle; variable speed, belt driven, 2/3hp brushless dc motor, with very high torque; a 45 degree tilting column; and 8″ [...]

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